AKS Series – Monitoring Application(s) inside AKS with Prometheus and Azure Monitor – Part 1

Azure Kubernetes Service is a fully managed Kubernetes service in Azure. It simplifies deploying and orchestrating containerized workload. It offers world class enterprise grade security, governance, deployment and monitoring capabilities. Use AKS to bring rapid development, deployment, scale and monitoring for your applications with confidence. Prometheus is a leading open source monitoring solution. In this blog post, we will explore how to integrate AKS with Prometheus for application monitoring needs.

Step 1 – Create AKS Cluster using the following steps.

Open Command Prompt and login to Azure subscription
az login

Create resource group

az group create ––name=aksrg-monitoring ––location=westus

Create AKS cluster
az aks create ––resource-group aksrg-monitoring ––name aksclusterdemo-monitoring ––node-count 1 ––node-vm-size “Standard_DS2_v2” ––generate-ssh-keys

Enable Azure Monitor inside of the AKS cluster

az aks enable-addons -a monitoring -n aksclusterdemo-monitoring -g aksrg-monitoring

Download AKS Credentials to connect to the AKS Cluster

az aks get-credentials ––resource-group  aksrg-monitoring ––name aksclusterdemo-monitoring

Step 2 – Deploy an app with Prometheus monitoring
In this step, we will deploy a sample application  from Kubernetes-Hackfest which has Prometheus monitoring in place. The following piece of code creates a new Prometheus counter for the ‘requests_counter_total’

var requestsCounter = prometheus.NewCounter(


Name: “requests_counter_total”,

Help: “Total Requests Made.”,


Step 3 –  Deploy Config Map to integrate with Azure Monitor.
Now we will integrate the logging by deploying configmap which can be found here – https://github.com/microsoft/OMS-docker/blob/ci_feature_prod/Kubernetes/container-azm-ms-agentconfig.yaml. We will set ‘Kubernetes Pod Monitoring’ to true.

kubectl apply -f container-azm-ms-agentconfig.yaml

Step 4 – Expose the sample app as service and set the Prometheus scraping to true.



Step 5 – Validate the metrics inside Azure Monitor.
Now let us validate the metrics inside of Azure Monitor for the Prometheus integration.

As we can see, metrics from the sample app are sent to the Log Analytics service in Azure Monitor. You will continue to see great integration between  the Azure Monitor and open source monitoring tools like Prometheus.

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